Spinit -Technological Park is an incubator that allows young entrepreneurs to take the first step towards realising their business goals. Spinit is also home to renowned foreign and domestic companies such as MyBestBrends, GDI, GlovoApp, Yuganta Sun and MS2 energo, as well as offices of the entrepreneurial accelerator Integral Structures, Split-Dalmatia County and the Split School of Tourism and Hospitality.



Development of modern catering software solutions, digital QR pricing, new generation booking system and mobile booking applications.

Advanced tool for testing and developing Lo-RaWAN wireless networks. It enables quick and easy testing and analyzing of wireless network quality to get the highest quality IoT systems.C

get-work aplikacija

A web application that acts as an intermediary between a searcher and a service provider. Service providers can easily offer their services and service seekers can find price, reviews, location, experience and contact of the service provider in one place.

Cloud-based, interactive SaaS platform for nautical club management and regatta organization, as well as smart equipment and cost monitoring.


Personalized diet based on gut analysis (PPC) is designed to help with weight loss by acting directly on the natural microbiological flora of the digestive tract.Check

Beach Finder works by displaying all nearby beaches when the current location is specified. It can be used in offline mode, which will be of great help especially to foreign guests visiting our coast.Check



SplitDrive is an innovative hardware DRIVE IN concept/module that provides fast and flexible access to multimedia and entertainment 24/7. SplitDrive Team is currently developing a "smart" parking solution that can be secretly installed in an existing parking space with modular construction technology within one business day.

Helm Order Monitor, or Steering Command Monitor, is the first device intended for use on the command bridges of ships with voice recognition function, which checks whether the rudder commands have been executed understandably and correctly based on the given rules and the data received from the ship's sensors.


Digitization of faculty business in Croatia, which is being developed under a knowledge or technology transfer contract with several components of the University of Split. The goal is to digitise faculty business and connect it to the central IT systems of universities (ISVU, AAI@EduHr and ISSP).

3D Modeling

Developing proprietary products for small batch production of collector and race car parts under the Split Street Motorsports (SSM) brand and providing 3D printing, 3D modeling and 3D scanning services.

Smoke detector mounted on roof in house with red warning light. ideal for websites and magazines layouts


An innovative automatic fire protection system consisting of FireBlock sensors and activators that detects fire in the first few seconds and activates the fire alarm system.

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