SPINIT incubator for New Technologies supports the launch and growth of innovative entrepreneurship through incubation programs and provides start-up innovative companies with a similar profile and interest with resources and professional services necessary for growth and development.

Office spaces

Our office space is available  to all entrepreneurs, especially young graduate entrepreneurs and start-ups who are at the beginning of their own business ideas or are starting a business or are in the process of establishing a trade or company (d.o.o. or j.d.o.o.) and need advisory support with low operating costs, but also to those entrepreneurs who have already positioned themselves in the market and want a new, modern and stimulating working environment in an attractive location with additional facilities.

The offices are modular, i.e. the capacity of each office is up to 3 workplaces for the individual lease of a permanent beneficiary – an entrepreneur. All offices are air-conditioned and have internet and telephone connection. In addition, there  are social and sanitary rooms, a kitchen, a dining and lounge area and a mini fitness.

All offices are designed without architectural barriers to ensure access for people with disabilities. The entire building is equipped with tactile guidelines to guide the blind and visually impaired.

We also offer a business assistance package at discounted rates to all of our tenants/entrepreneurs.

Coworking Space

If you need a modern and inspiring workspace, but are not ready or do not need your own office, our coworking  space is the ideal answer to all your business needs!

This shared, open business space of over 160m2 in a highly attractive location in the city center is not only a meeting place for creative entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and freelancers in general, but also a pleasant place to make  friends and share knowledge and ideas that often turn into great business ventures.

Coworking space is conceived in more different units, open space and separate offices, which suit your different business needs. We try to fully customize the space to meet the needs of our tenants, allowing for different rental and work schedule options , from short-term daily or weekly desk rentals with associated cabinets to store personal belongings, to fixed or flexible working hours, with the option to use all social and sanitary facilities, kitchens, dining and social areas, and mini-fitness rooms. The entire space is air-conditioned and has high-speed Internet access ( WI-FI ) with the possibility of using a copier, scanner and printer. Considering the privacy of our clients, we have also set up separate telephone zones for those calls you wish to keep confidential.

We also offer a package of business support to all our clients at discounted rates.

The office is designed without architectural barriers to ensure unobstructed access for people with disabilities. The entire building is equipped with tactile guidelines to help blind and visually impaired people find their way.

Conference rooms

Three multifunctional conference halls are the ideal solution in our business incubator if you are organizing a conference, presentation, workshop or seminar, or simply need a pleasant and elegant environment for private purposes, close to the city center and main facilities.

Our halls have the necessary audiovisual and technical equipment (multimedia projector with appropriate screen, interactive projector and panel, video conferencing system, complete sound system, fast internet connection WI-FI ) and we provide additional organizational and technical support upon request.

We also provide catering and service in additional room decorations upon request depending on the purpose.

  • The large conference hall on the ground floor of the capacity building can accommodate up to 150 people. The room is air-conditioned, with sufficient natural light, direct access to the outdoor area or parking and completly adjusted for access by people with disabilities. Nearby and available is a lounge bar with attached kitchen, store for things and sanitary facilities.
  • Medium conference room on the ground floor of the capacity building can accommodate up to 50 people. Nearby and available is a lounge bar with attached kitchen, store for things and sanitary facilities.
  • Small conference room on the superstructure can accommodate up to up to 30 people, with all necessary technical and audio-visual equipment, has an exit to a landscaped terrace with a beautiful view at sea and is suitable for outdoor socializing and other organized events.

Hardware lab

The Hardware lab in the University’s Technological Park in Split is a central location where incubator tenants, as well as other casual users, can use various advanced computing and technological devices to develop and test new applications and products.

To all users who are unfamiliar with the use of the aforementioned technological devices, we will provide brief training and on-the-job assistance. Depending on the needs of our future tenants, there is a possibility to further upgrade the hardware equipment of the laboratory according to their interest and development.

The laboratory is located on the ground floor of the building, is 30m2 in size, has space for up to 8 work units with storage space for user items, is air-conditioned and has a connection to WI-FI.

Accelerator office

Our accelerator office within the Entrepreneurial Incubator provides valuable professional and legal support with the aim of accelerating the growth and development of young incubated entrepreneurs.

The service will be available for use by our tenants, but also by other interested parties who need this type of service.

By organizing numerous workshops and events within the incubator, the accelerator office will pay special attention to funding opportunities, via venture capital funds, grants, business angel networks and world group to finance risky projects.

And after the acceleration process itself, we will support expert advice on the further development of accelerated entrepreneurs.

To all our tenants – entrepreneurs – we offer a package of this business support at discounted prices


Entrepreneur center

Do you have a great idea, but you do not have anyone to share it with or develop it further, or you do not know if it’s fit for the market? You can easily find answers to these and a number of other questions in the early stages of development at our Entrepreneur Center at the College of Split Technological Park!

Continuous professional and legal support in the initial stage of development, services, training and support in the realization of the entrepreneurial project itself, advice on entrepreneurial approach, legally organized forms of business, support in planning business processes, accounting, financial and marketing advice, support in calculations and a number of other services.

The main objective of our Entrepreneurial Center is the creation and development of new entrepreneurs and assistance in solving numerous entrepreneurial problems of existing young entrepreneurs.

To all our tenants – entrepreneurs – we offer a package of this business support at discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The business premises in the SPINIT incubator can be used by companies-startups operating in the field of high technology.

The business office has a size of 15 m2 and is designed for up to 3 people. All offices are modular and there is a possibility to connect more offices into one.

The monthly rent for office space is 400 EURO, increased by the corresponding amount of VAT.

The rent includes all overheads, electricity, water, heating, cooling, telephone, internet, cleaning.

The rent also includes the use of meeting rooms, large and small conference rooms, a kitchenette and a fitness room.

Office space can be rented for a maximum of 3 years.

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